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Benefits of Drinking Water Regularly

image showing benefits of drinking water

We have all heard it before: you need to drink more water. Most of us know water is important to our overall health. In fact, people in hot climates carry bottled water everywhere they go. But, have you stopped to ask yourself what are the benefits of drinking water? How much helpful it is to drink eight glasses of water every 24 hours? In this article I will be answering some of those questions and even more.

There are so many benefits of drinking water regularly, at least eight glasses a day. First of all, the eight glasses a day is just a directive. The correct amount of water to drink a day should be directed by other several factors like the following: prevailing climate conditions, your physical activities, and maybe your body weight. Some health conditions such as kidney dysfunction may cause you to limit the amount of water you have to take a day. Having said that, drinking more water is generally more essential for the correct functioning of the body systems.

The water we drink gets lost as is used in the normal body functions. Some get lost through direct water loss as in active perspiration and excretion as urine and stools, some get lost as we exhale, cough, sneeze, and so forth. We need to replace all that water as often as possible and in adequate quantities. This is where the eight glasses distributed as needed through the day comes in.

The Benefits of Drinking Water

Below are some of the benefits of drinking water and other healthy fluids on regular basis. We all know most of these facts but tend to take them for granted. After all water is one nutrient that is readily and freely available.

Water as a Solvent

When we eat, the food goes into the stomach and then the intestines for digestion and absorption. For digestion to take place smoothly and effectively there should be enough water in the stomach. Peristalsis, the movement of the food through the gastrointestinal tract takes place easily and smoothly when there is enough water.

Take soft porridge or morning oats, for instance. They are taken with fluids (milk) and that facilitates their digestion and absorption, giving us instant energy to face the day. On the other hand, after eating bread with less fluids you will feel thirsty just thereafter as the body begs for more water to deal with the dry diet.

The benefits of drinking water become more evident when you visit your physician. More often than not they will encourage you to drink more water. The most effective and natural way to deal with some of the common ailments is to drink more water. Constipation is one of them. Eating foods with high water content like most fresh vegetables and fruits can also give you the same effect.

The Medium of Transport

As I have said above, enough water in the intestines aids in easy absorption of nutrients into the blood stream. Water constitute over 60% of the blood. Therefore, if the water content of the blood is at good levels it becomes easier for the blood to carry the nutrients and minerals to different parts of the body.

The reverse process is also true. Waste materials from the body cells are also carried effectively if the blood-water level is good. The waste materials from the rest of the body is disposed of in the liver and the kidneys. The process of filtering of the waste materials depends largely on water. If the blood is too thick itself some of the waste materials may not be sieved out for excretion but remain in circulation.

Water as Diluent

Water can also help as a temporary solution for raised blood sugar levels. In fact, people living with diabetes should ensure that they drink more water every day to dilute blood sugar and maintain good blood viscosity.

High levels of sugar or glucose in the blood increases the density of the blood, making the movement of blood in the blood vessels a bit difficult. This can cause damage to the blood vessels and leave sugar deposits in the small, peripheral blood vessels to cause even more complications.

Water for Weight Loss

Weight loss experts believe that when you drink more water you help your body work on excess body fats easier. If taken before and during meals water can make you feel full sooner and therefore avoid overeating. Besides, water is important for any metabolic process in the body including the breaking down of body fats.

For Beautiful Skin

One of the most effective and natural ways to combat dry skin and enhance skin beauty is to drink more water.

Benefits of Drinking water

These are only a few of the numerous benefits of drinking water. I know that you already think of some of those that I have not mentioned here. Feel at home to expand them in the comments section below.

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Benefits of Good Gut Flora

image showing benefits of good gut floraThe human body needs a lot of different elements for optimal health. If you’re trying to get your health on track and you are n’t sure how to push forward, you may need to look into improvements through supplementation. One option that you are going to want to consider is that of gut flora. The benefits of good gut flora to overall health are huge. If you do not have this element in your body, which is healthy bacteria elements, you’ll find that you could get very sick in time.

Many people are suffering from stomach issues and are dealing with a variety of problems associated with digestion and more. If you or someone you know is managing to deal with these things, it’s time to look into how gut flora can help with many different benefits. The following are just some of the most common benefits of good gut flora that come with this option. You may want to take a look at them moving forward.

Benefits of Good Gut Flora

Fight Diabetes

The first thing that you may find out is that it could help combat the formation of Type 2 Diabetes. This is an adult onset issue that can cause a major spiral for people. You can combat this with the healthy bacteria that comes with the gut flora option. This will help fight against diabetes, boost metabolic rate, and even help with insulin production. Either way, it’s a good option to pursue if you want to fight against sugar spikes and other problems associated with diabetes risk.

Dropping Weight

Researchers have found that good gut bacteria could help with reducing overall fat cells in the stomach. This is something that can help with removing fat cells, and allowing lean muscle to take the place. According to the National Academy of Science, this is something that delivers a powerful distribution of nutrients, and can help elevate the right overall pH balance in the body. With the right pH levels in the stomach, digestion is made easier, bowel movements are easier, and obesity will start to diminish. This is due to the metabolic rate spiking to turn fat into energy, and continue to reduce overall weight.

Gut Flora can Help Regulate Hunger

Studies out of Japan showed that people that took gut flora and exercised with options like jumping rope saw a huge drop in hunger. That’s right, they were able to reduce their cravings, and would choose to eat better overall. The reason for this is that there’s a disturbance in the pH balance, and the body regulates certain elements to skip cravings altogether.

This is a phenomena that continues to be studied. But for now, it appears that this simple supplement can help with regulating hunger and allows many people to lose weight with relative ease. This is my favorite among the benefits of good gut flora.

Help With Child Development

Another study has shown that infants can grow better with certain bacterial elements in their body. That’s right, gut flora could very well help babies form and develop better after birth. The researchers out of Norway studied more than 200 babies and focused on their pH balances, the gut, and overall growth development. They saw an increase in development and computational elements when they were given a small amount of the bacterial element. This is a positive push forward for young children that are in need of nutrition, and developmental assistance.

Help Extreme Weight Loss Surgery

For those that are going to be headed towards weight loss surgery, you may find that there is a dual positive when you take this bacterial element. You see, options like gastric bypass surgery will already force individuals to lose weight fast. But add this bacteria to the body, and there’s an elevated drop in weight, to an extreme in some cases. Studies using mice showed that obese mice were dropping far more weight due to the bacteria than those that did n’t receive a supplementation element. This will help the body adjust to the surgery after the fact, that’s for sure.

Benefits of Good Gut Flora

At the end of the day, the body is all about balance. You may find that there’s a variety of things that you can do to help the stomach function well, and adding gut flora is one way to ensure that you see results. Whether you want to lose weight, ease the burden of certain digestive health disorders, or you just want to live healthier, this is a great solution to pursue.

You’ll find that the benefits that are mentioned above are just some of the things that you can expect with this supplement overall. It’s something that could very well give you an edge when trying to lose weight and live a healthier life.

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Probiotics For Leaky Gut

image showing probiotics for leaky gut

Probiotics for leaky gut? Well, probiotics are the good micro-organisms that live in the gut. They are highly beneficial for gut health, helping to fight bad bacteria and bowel diseases.

A leaky gut is a condition where the small intestines allow undigested proteins and toxins to escape into the blood stream. When the particles enter the blood stream the body sees them as foreign matter. This may trigger an immune response.

Some of the most common health conditions come about in this way. Common examples are irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, and autoimmune diseases.

Probiotics for Leaky Gut

A variety of factors can cause small intestines to become leaky. These include processed foods, medications, alcohol and bacteria. The first thing to do to correct a leaky gut is to change your diet AND your lifestyle. These are the major causes of a leaky gut! After lifestyle and diet modification, you are ready for probiotics.

But first, let’s discuss some common foods that motivate the growth of good stomach bacteria. These foods are known as prebiotics. We will look at some of the supplementary probiotics here after.

Common Food Prebiotics

The best way to grow good bacteria in the gut is to eat natural food sources of fiber and fermented dairy products. They support the growth of probiotics for leaky gut. These are the foods that the good micro flora live on.


Regarded as nature’s prescription for an upset stomach, bananas maintain a good environment for different strains of bacteria in the gut. Good levels of potassium and magnesium in bananas help to reduce inflammation.


Broccoli helps to release substances that lower inflammation and thereby, reducing the risk of ailments like stomach cancer.

Chicory root

The chicory root contains inulin. It has has properties that can improve bowel function and weight loss, and help the gastrointestinal tract against constipation.

It also improves absorption of minerals.

Cultured Dairy Products

Cultured dairy products naturally come up with essential gut flora like Bifidobacteria and Lactobacili, that generally improve gastrointestinal health. Examples of cultured dairy products include buttermilk, cheese, and yogurt.

Other Prebiotics Good Gut Flora

Probiotics for leaky gut can also be maintained by eating onions, garlic, legumes, mushrooms, fermented beverages like kefirs, and other rich prebiotics.

Probiotics for leaky gut

It is important to note that diet alone may not be enough to correct an abnormal intestinal permeability. There are numerous supplements that can help you correct a leaky gut problem. Most of the supplements can be purchased from your nearest health supplements supplier.

There are a few factors, though, that you should pay attention to before choosing a specific probiotic supplement. You should know the different probiotic strains that are available and the specific benefits related to each strain. Your specific symptoms of a leaky gut will guide you on which strains will serve you better.

For example; if you experience frequent irritable bowel syndrome, frequent constipation, frequent inflammatory bowel disease and abdominal pain you may need to take Bifidobacterium on regular basis. This stain is effective in correcting most gut ailments. It is more of a broad-spectrum probiotic!

It is even more beneficial to choose probiotics that have more than one bacterial strain. Below are a few examples of good probiotics for lealy gut.

Bifidobacterium Lactis

Bifidobacterium is one of the most important probiotics for the human body. It boosts the immune system, improves digestion, and help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

It also helps in the digestion of most sugars and fibers. When all is said and done, we cannot overstate the role of Bifidobacterium in general bowel health. Foods like fermented dairy products and fermented vegetables contain a fair amount of this bacterium.

Bifidobacterium Longum

The Bifidobacterium Longum produces lactic acid that kills harmful micro-organisms in the gut. It can also improve bowel movements in constipation.

Bifidobacterium Bifidum

This bacterial strain can be used to reduce chances of acute diarrhea and fight infections by harmful bacteria like Escherichia coli.It also helps fight inflammatory bowel diseases.

Bifidobacterium Breve

Bifidobacterium Breve is beneficial for increasing bowel frequency and relieving abdominal pain. This explains why the strain is effective in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, a gastrointestinal condition that leads to inflammation and ulcers of the colon and rectum.

Probiotics for Leaky Gut

I have only mentioned a few of the known good micro flora supplements for the gut. More can be obtained from the experts on probiotic supplements.

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Prebiotic Foods for Gut Health

Prebiotic Foods for Gut Health

Many people today are chasing weight loss and healthy living. Some are doing better than others. Here’s a few tricks of the trade that can help everyone get a little better at healthy lifestyle choices. You see, you don’t need to go extreme, you need balance. One of the great ways to help your body achieve the right balance is to look after microorganisms that help with creating healthy elements in the body. These microorganisms need prebiotic foods to flourish!

One of the best ways to do that is through eating best, natural prebiotics. You may already know about probiotics, but this is something that is different. A prebiotic it’s a type of fiber that good bacteria in the gut lives on. Being fiber, prebiotic foods can also efficiently take care of digestion in your body so that you ease stress, and much more inside your stomach.

There are some natural ways that you can get this into your body. The following are some of the best prebiotic foods that will help you build probiotics in your gut.

Prebiotic Foods for Gut Health

Dandelion Greens

One of the best options that you can work with is that of dandelion greens. This is a solution that comes with a great deal of fiber, and can actually relieve a great deal of stomach ailments. You can ease the stress of constipation, and help with a healthy diuretic element as well. This can help your heart health, your gut, and can even help you gain the upper hand in overall digestive health.

If you’re allergic to dandelions, this is not going to be a good choice, but if you’re not allergic, this is a great option to pursue overall.

Artichoke (Jerusalem)

You already know that you should be eating your vegetables, but here’s an option that most people don’t really know about. This is an option that is going to help you get moving forward with the right elements of health. Artichole has a great deal of fiber in it.

As far as prebiotics foods are concerned, this could very well help you gain the upper hand. This artichoke option that can help you not only increase the digestive track health you need, it can also boost your immune system. It will simply push your immune system higher and help with digestion. It will make you feel better and even boost your metabolic rate all the same.


Another vegetable to add to your daily routine is this one. Leeks have a great way of delivering the prebiotic element that you need most. Not only that, you’ll find that it is full of vitamin K, and can deliver a great benefit of fiber, and more.
While you may not enjoy the flavor at first, there’s a lot of things that you can do to make the flavor a little milder, and increase the overall health benefits that come with this solution. Leeks are in the same family as other vegetables, mainly garlic.


Here’s something that everyone can enjoy on a daily basis and get the prebiotic benefits that come with fiber enriched diets. When you eat prebiotic foods, you’re going to be delivering a good option to the body. Bananas do just that. There’s a small amount of inulin in them. But overall, you’ll find that there’s a resistant element to it, and that’s where you’ll get the prebiotic goodness.

Here’s the thing, you have to eat them a little under ripe, which means that they should be a little green. This can help with a healthy gut and assisting in reducing heart burn, and even upset stomach.


An easy way to introduce supplement elements to the body is through the use of oats. Oats, mainly whole oats, can deliver a powerful punch into the body. It can help lower cholesterol, help the stomach digest, ease bowel movements, and bring about a great deal of anti-inflammatory elements to help with reducing cancer risk and more. You’ll find that whole oats could also provide a more filling meal when you are trying to diet and exercise.


Did you know that cocoa can be so powerful? Now, you can’t just go buy a chocolate bar and get this. You’re going to need to find options that are not processed greatly, or broken down by tons of sugar. Dark chocolate, for instance can have a little bit of this. You want to look for the right flavanols to ensure that you’re getting the prebiotic effect.

Prebiotic Foods

At the end of the day, the above are just some of the prebiotic foods out there. Test them out and see how your body can get healthier overall. If you know other good prebiotic foods you are most welcome to add them in the comments.

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